Monday, December 28, 2020

LDJ-68 – Railfan, Display, Scenery, and Fantasy Themes

After a much-longer-then-expected delay, Layout Design Journal #68 is being distributed now. It includes: Beautiful On30 display layout recreates Disneyland classic in 5’X7’. Large HO layout focuses on Santa Fe and Union Pacific in Victorville, CA in the transition era. Grand Scale (5”-to-the-foot) fantasy design for rugged desert landscape. Remembrances of Jack Ozanich. And more!

Sam Towler's article on his On30 display layout of Disneyland's Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland was a favorite of mine this issue, just as the original attraction (please don't call it a "ride") was one of my top E-Ticket experiences. To see more of Sam's work, check his blog and the layout's Facebook Page. But I enjoyed learning more about all of our authors' ideas.

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Thanks to the authors and volunteers who made this issue possible. We're working on LDJ-69 now and expect to distribute it in March.