Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mitchell, Mountains, More in LDJ-60

Layout Design Journal authors and volunteers have produced another excellent magazine. LDJ-60 includes: Don Mitchell’s design for an Sn3 Denver, South Park, & Pacific layout in a challenging garret space. Wind River Canyon Layout Design Element in N scale. Two multideck 16’X22’ Mountain Challenge articles: HO East Broad Top and Pennsy; Southern Pacific’s 1950s Cuesta Grade in N scale. Three Progressive Rail branches in 10’X11’ Switching Challenge space. LDSIG news and announcements.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A new word for the day: Implausintransigence. That’s the act of asking a question on an Internet forum and then steadfastly refusing to be swayed by factual answers that are contrary to whatever crazy thing the questioner wanted to do in the first place.

Bottom line, your railroad, your rules – do whatever you like and save everyone the trouble. Why waste your time arguing with people making the effort to provide you with facts that you're going to ignore anyway? SMH, as the cool kids say.