Saturday, March 28, 2020

LDJ-67: Multi-deck layouts large and small; Manitoba branch line; more

The most recent Layout Design Journal published by the Layout Design SIG brings together a nice variety of articles (including a couple of my own).

Articles include: Compact HO switching multi-deck layout based on prototype car-ferry service between the US and Canada. Pro-railroader’s multi-deck HO design uses spirals and loops to climb through four tiers with no multi-turn helix. An alternative history breathes new life into a Manitoba branch line. HO Passenger switching action in 10’X11’: Somewhere West; The Family Room; and the Keyhole. Modern transload Layout Design Element includes single-car switching for a variety of commodities and railcar types. LDSIG upcoming meetings: St. Louis NMRA; New Jersey

To download a free “Sampler” of a few pages of LDJ-67 and other recent issues, visit this link:

My article contributions were the HO passenger switching layout and the modern transload facility, which is based on a real-life California site.

Even if you are not a SIG member, we welcome contributions  on layout design topics, including from first-time authors.