Saturday, July 10, 2021

LDJ-69: Coal-hauling and Compact Layouts

After a much-longer-than-expected wait, I'm happy to have Layout Design Journal #69 published, complete with three terrific layout stories which happen all to be written by friends. I hope that LDSIG members will enjoy reading the magazine as much as I did putting it together.

This issue includes: Pro Railroader’s room-sharing proto-freelanced shelf switching layout inspired by a Northwestern Pacific terminal. Bigtime coal hauling in HO on the Western Maryland and Baltimore & Ohio. Compact multi-tier German-outline layout in a California Basement (garage) reworked for ops. Ten-Turnout Design Challenge announced. Updating the Layout Design Primer. LDSIG Annual General Meeting Report.

You may download a free “Sampler” of a few pages of LDJ-69 at this link.

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... and work has begun on LDJ-70.