Monday, May 27, 2019

30 and counting … LDJ-64

Years before I began editing the Layout Design SIG’s Layout Design Journal, I was an avid reader of the magazine and its precursor the Layout Design News. The LDJ is a venue where track planning and design ideas are examined, often in considerable depth.

I was the editor of the LDJ for a handful of issues beginning late in the last century and returned as editor in 2011. Along the way, the magazine became full-color (a huge improvement!) and on-line-delivery options have become available. I try to encourage authors to contribute the same sort of thought-provoking articles that intrigued me when I was a reader.

While looking up some reference information for the recently published LDJ-64, I started counting the LDJs for which I have been editor. I was a bit surprised to find that it totaled thirty LDJ issues! (I also edited a few additional issues of the LDN before taking over the Journal).

Many thanks to the LDSIG leaders, Editors Emeritus, readers, our dedicated LDJ volunteers, and (especially) authors who have supported my work.

Layout Design Journal #64 includes: Award-winning exhibition-style mini-layout mixes fine modeling with animation. Real-life railroader’s Cajon Pass Mountain Challenge layout design explores ‘50s and ‘60s themes and concepts. Designing layouts with a plan for layout capacity based on prototype experience and concepts. Switching Challenge: Port of New York Jersey City passenger and freight rail-marine terminal features CNJ and LV operations. LDSIG News and Announcements, including LDSIG activities at SLC NMRA 2019.

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