Friday, July 06, 2018

Switching Layouts and More in LDJ-61

It’s been a crazy year or so, with lots of family medical issues and other challenges -- in other words, life! But as things return to normal, I hope to be posting here more often.

One area where I’m catching up is my work editing the Layout Design SIG’s Layout Design Journal. After a long delay, LDJ-61 is in the mail.

Although I did not set out to structure the magazine this way, this issue ended up with a major focus on switching layouts. A detailed design story covers Jonathan Jones’ N-scale Central New Jersey Newark layout featuring innovative modeling techniques, lighting, and construction. A 10X11 HO layout previews the designer’s large future home layout featuring Chicago, Burlington & Quincy switching in 1966.

There’s an update on a nifty Western Pacific prototype-based San Jose, CA N-scale sectional switching layout -- very interesting to me as it’s my own back yard and a favorite prototype. Another article suggests lessons on model railroad scenery perspectives from museum diorama builders. A photo essay on movable benchwork ideas for gates and elevators from Orlando 2017 rounds out the issue.

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