Friday, June 25, 2021

5 Days $49, Then 4 Weeks Free

 There’s still time to sign up for a terrific on-line event: the 2021 Rails by the Bay NMRA Convention. Clinics, panels, layout tours, even SIG activities like the Layout Design SIG’s free Design and Ops consultations. Speakers come from across the US and the world, including many leading names in the hobby. (Oh, and me.)

The five-day event runs from Tuesday, July 6 through Saturday the 10th. Clinics are pre-recorded and combined with live Q&A with the presenters. And the pre-recorded portions will be available for registered Convention attendees for four weeks after the Convention closes at no additional charge. So you don’t have to choose between competing clinic schedules – watch ‘em all!

No travel, no hotels, no overpriced parking – enjoy high-quality Convention activities in your bunny slippers. (You might want to put on a clean shirt, though – it is two-way Zoom video.) Learn more and register today at: