Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Layout Design SIG

In my last blog post, I referenced my article from the Layout Design Journal (LDJ), published by the Layout Design SIG (LDSIG). I was surprised to receive a couple of emails from blog readers who were not aware of the SIG and its magazine, or didn't realize that the SIG was still active and vital. So here is a bit more information about the LDSIG.

For anyone interested in model railroad track planning and layout design, I think the LDSIG is a fabulous resource and well worth membership (full disclosure, I edit the LDJ). Besides the quarterly magazine, the SIG also sponsors programs at regional and national meetings.

"Samplers" of a few pages from recent issues are available for free download as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. I'd encourage those who aren't yet SIG members to take a look – there are many interesting layout design ideas in every issue. Back issues of the LDJ are also available.

LDJ-47, Summer 2012
- Planning the Newcastle-Fassifern Railway with Layout Design Elements (LDEs)
- Improving a Classic John Armstrong Plan in N Scale
- The Continuous Model Railroad: More Railroad than your Room Can Hold
- Proto-Freelance Midwest NYC Layout Inspired by Published Plans
- Weighing the Scales: Experienced Multi-scale Modelers Discuss Pros and Cons
- Benchwork and Fascia Ideas from LDSIG Tours

LDJ-46, Spring 2012
- Three Crossings at Newburgh, Ohio
- Small and Portable: Baltimore's Wicomico St. on the B&O
- Designing a Busy Chicago Passenger Terminal, Multi-deck HO
- Planning for Signals, Part 3: References
- Oakland, California's Howard Terminal in N Scale

LDJ-45, Winter 2012
- Breaking Marley’s Chains – On2 to S for CN Branch
- SP on a Shelf – Houston's Clinton Branch
- Heavy Switching Design Challenge from Tulsa 2011:
  - The Copper Belt Railroad in N Scale
  - Kansas City Southern in Neosho, Mo.; 1956
  - The Pittsburgh Transfer Railway
  - Johnstown and Union City – Mushroom "cut-and-paste" design in N Scale
  - The Terminal Dock Railroad – Northeastern Rail-Marine
  - Electrasteel Corporation
- Gooseneck, Bottoms and Bluffs – Multi-deck HO design for Kansas City's West Bottoms

LDJ-44, Fall 2011
- Sectional, modular and portable layout focus:
  - HO Sections Designed to Move – and Do!
  - HO/HOn3 FREMO Modules for Home and Road
  - Compact OO English Terminus Display Layout
  - N Scale Free-mo Modules as Layout Design Elements
- What would you do differently?: Tips from five successful layout builders

LDJ-43, Summer 2011
- Designing a “Three-way” Layout Design Element on the BN
- Lessons Learned: Phil Monat's Multi-Pass Delaware & Susquehanna
- Three stories on lightweight benchwork ideas from Gatorfoam™ and Luan
- Planning for Signals, Part 2: Model Implementations
- Signal Repeaters

LDJ-42, Spring 2011
- Designing the California, Oregon and Western
- Thoughts on Multi-Pass Design
- 90 Feet more Mainline on the Idaho-Montana Railway & Navigation (UP)
- Layout Design Challenge -- Road Warrior Revisited:
  - B&O’s 26th St. NYC Yard
  - Central California Traction in Stockton and Lodi
  - SAL, ACL, A&W in North Carolina, 1925
  - Timetable and Train Order “Trainer” Layout
- Design Considerations for Prototype-action Couplers

LDJ-41, Winter 2011
- The Ultimate 4X8? RGS in HOn3
- Garage Bay Passenger Ops Design Challenge: Calif. Bayside Commute and Reading Lines in Philadelphia
- Modeling a Mile: Layouts for W&LE / Nickel Plate; B&O; WM
- Planning for Signals, Part 1: Prototype Practices
- Design Ideas from Milwaukee 2010
- “This Column does not Exist": Support Column Ideas