Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Layout Design Journal Update -- in Color!

The Layout Design Journal of the Layout Design SIG has had some important improvements since I last posted about it here. Beginning with LDJ-52, the LDJ is now published in full color. In addition, a new low-cost option allows LDSIG members to receive the LDJ via Adobe Acrobat download. (Print memberships are still available, of course.) There are lots of great ideas in every issue of the LDJ -- just check out the free downloadable “Sampler” links here to see more -- and join the LDSIG today!

Layout Design Journal #56
- Designing for Passenger and Freight Interchange on the Yosemite Valley
- Staging yard evolves to full-featured yard
- Pulp Mill as an HO Layout Design Element
- Room to roll for realism in bulk commodity industries
- Panel: “What would you do differently?”

Layout Design Journal #55
- A sectional HO design for former interurbans turned freight feeders in California
- Designing a Great Northern branch junction yard based on the prototype using “dimensionless sketching”
- A spare-room-sized HO track plan based on the Midland Continental, a real-life shortline and bridge route in North Dakota
- Building a freelanced freight yard based on best practices

Layout Design Journal #54
Track Plans Based on a Single Industry
- Paper Mill Variations
- Steel in 32 Square Feet
- Cement, Cars, and a Little Beer

Layout Design Journal #53
- Looking Forward to New Mistakes in Designing a Coal-Hauler
- Exhibition “S”witching Layout
- Lighting and Benchwork Ideas from SIG tours

Layout Design Journal #52
- Designing a Narrow Gauge Railway for Operation in On30
- Let's Railroad Like it's 1999! (California UP in HO)
- A Theatrical Approach to Backdrops
- HO Switching Variations in 2' X 9'
Layout Design Journal #51
- Amargosa Railroad Rathole Sub
- 7 Compact Rail-Marine Layouts
- Lessons Learned: The Multi-deck St. Paul Division
- “Nose-to-Nose” Staging
- 32-Square-Foot Design Challenge, Part 3 (mountain mainline to copper to coal)